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We, at Madhuvan Sai Vidyashram School, exert to bring out the latent talents in each child in the best possible and the most natural way. For achieving this goal, a methodology which is a quintessence of what Child psychologists from Froebel to Bandura have explored, was developed by experts within our organisation , picking and choosing the best and the apt. This methodology rightly proves to help the child and not to hurt! The time tested aspects of Montessori methodology is here integrated with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's educare based on human values.

Our academic core is based on a attitude of teaching that is unfailing with excellent practices and meets international standards in education.

Madhuvan Sai Vidyashram introduces children to the excitement and challenges of independent learning. We have picked and chosen the most practical means out of the theories from Maria Montessori to modern theorists like Bandura, which suits the Indian classical way of imparting knowledge. 

The features which make Madhuvan Sai Vidyashram unique are:-

  • A student-friendly, student-centred, interactive focus.

  • A balanced breadth of academic coverage; neither does it overburden the student, nor is it superficial.

  • Constant, innovative review of the syllabus to ensure it is contemporary and meaningful. Subjects covered include Communicative English, Disaster Management, Life Skills Education and more.

  • Updation of teachers’ skills through workshops and training programmes.

  • Regular monitoring by the management, thereby ensuring that its academic standards and educational philosophy are being met. 

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