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Sports & Athletics

Madhuvan,since its inception, is keen on providing adequae facilities for indoor and outdoor recreation. An are earmarked as Sports Complex is  unique feature of our school. A hall of 24m x 7m in the complex provides space for indoor games while  adjoning area houses one badminton and and basket ball court. A volley ball court is also under construction. The complex will soon have outdoor fitness equipments, and infra structure for throwing discuss and puting shots. 


​The indoor games would soon have table tennis also.



Madhuvan provides facilities for the training and up bringing of musical talents in students by earmarking periods for music training every day in the post lunch session. The school also conducts frequent competitions to prepare them for appearing for inter school events.

Visual Arts


The school has an experienced teacher for Art who has many exhibitions and shows to her portfolio. The students at Madhuvan also get oppertunities to get training from well known artists in Drawing, Painting and sculpture from occasional inter school workshops organised at Madhuvan. They also participate in inter school competitions.

Theatre & Dramatics


Madhuvan has a well equipped theatre training centre with experienced theatre personnel as heads. Weekly training in dramatics is given to students with tastes and talents. They also participate in inter school workshops organised by Madhuvan and associate with production of dramas there. 

Film and Visual Media


Madhuvan is a brain child of the founder director who made his debut Hindi feature film at the age of 23. So a film and visual Media Club will be functioning to provide training on experiencing world classics in Celluloid and also to explore possibilities of creation with video graphic endeavours. 

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